Bayraktar TB2 drone in action in Donbass

Bayraktar TB2 drone in action in Donbass

Hsmilitarycom: A few hours ago, the Bayraktar TB2 strike unmanned aerial vehicle delivered a new blow to the Donbass. 

The drone took off from an airfield near Kiev, after which it moved towards the border of the DPR and launched an attack, as a result of which one person was killed. The data on this subject is provided by the Telegram channel "Militarist".

Bayraktar TB2 drone in action in Donbass

The rise of the Ukrainian attack drone Bayraktar TB2 was recorded by the Militarist Telegram channel a few hours before the strike, however, given that these drones quite often head towards the Donbass, no special attention was given to this.

“Today, the Ukrainian army again took to the air the Bayraktar TB2 UAV”, - reports the "Telegram" channel "Militarist", publishing the corresponding photo of the departure of the drone.

Bayraktar TB2 drone in action in Donbass

However, later it became known that an attack drone was seen over the Donbass, and after some time it became known that one serviceman of the DPR People's Militia was killed as a result of an unknown drone strike.

Bayraktar TB2 drone in action in Donbass

According to the Telegram channel Militarist, it was this drone that struck the Donbass.

“Apparently, today’s air strike in Donbass was carried out by this UAV, which took off presumably around 14:00 Kyiv time”- said in the message.

In Kiev, they do not officially comment on the information about the strike of the Bayraktar TB2 drone.


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