Joe Biden: US will send troops to eastern Europe and NATO member states

US sends troops to eastern Europe

Hsmilitarycom: “Biden said he would soon deploy US troops to Eastern Europe and NATO countries,” the publication says.

Earlier, Biden said that he could soon decide to transfer to Europe part of the US troops that were previously put on alert.

According to him, bringing the troops to combat readiness is not a provocation, and the decision to send them will be determined by what Russian President Vladimir "Putin will do or not do."

US sends troops to eastern Europe

The day before, the Pentagon announced that the United States would increase the readiness of troops in connection with the tension around Ukraine - in total, the US defense department brought 8.5 thousand military personnel into a state of high readiness for deployment to Europe.

The Pentagon also noted that decisions on the transfer of additional NATO troops from the United States have not yet been made. 

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby explained that sending forces is possible at the request of NATO "or in other situations."


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