Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment worth $100 million. Will China take the F-35C in the South China Sea?


Will China take the F-35C in the South China Sea?

Hsmilitarycom: As reported by newizv.ru, the show that Washington planned to hold, in the end did not end quite well.

A multirole F-35C fighter jet lost control and sank in the waters of the South China Sea during landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

Such a sad picture was observed a few days ago, when the United States 7th Fleet decided to demonstrate its military power to Beijing.

Now Washington is forced to think about how to protect the Chinese from trying to get the sunken plane, equipped with the most advanced equipment worth $ 100 million.

The problem is that the fighter sank in the disputed area. At the same time, Beijing considers this section of the South China Sea as a national one, although a number of neighboring countries are trying to challenge this.

Will China take the F-35C in the South China Sea?

The United States has taken the position that the disputed area of the seabed is international waters.

However, despite the legal subtleties, do not forget that the novelty of the US Navy was dangerously close to China, which is known for its addiction to copying other people's developments.

The US press had not previously made the events public, but now Washington officially announced the loss of the plane and announced its plans for its speedy recovery.


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