Britain sent thousands of troops to Ukraine. What is going on?

Britain sent thousands of troops to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a statement in which he said that at the moment, British army units must be fully prepared to be sent to the Ukrainian border. 

The number of troops that the UK intends to send to the border of Ukraine is not specified, however, according to a number of assumptions made, we can talk about 1.5 thousand troops.

“If President Putin chooses the path of bloodshed and destruction, it will be a tragedy for Europe. Ukraine must be free to choose its future. 

Britain sent thousands of troops to Ukraine

I have ordered our armed forces to prepare for deployment across Europe next week, ensuring that we can support our NATO allies on land, at sea and in the air ,” the British Prime Minister said.

At the moment, the number of British troops in Europe reaches 1,200 people, and given that London intends to double the presence of its military in this region, up to 1,500 more troops can be sent to the Ukrainian border.

Experts note that such a number of troops does not pose the slightest threat, however, the very fact that the UK is specifically going to escalate may force Russia to deploy its troops on the territory of the same Belarus as a response.


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