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The US is preparing hundreds of tanks to be sent to the Russian border?


HSmilitarycom: Echelons with military equipment were seen in several cities of the United States of America at once, which local residents managed to photograph. 

This is reported by the portal

“On the railway platforms, we managed to identify tracked armored personnel carriers M2 Bradley, heavy tanks M1 Abrams. 

Apparently, this is far from all the military equipment that is being actively drawn to Texas, from where, according to a number of data, it will be transported in the coming weeks to the countries of Eastern Europe, i.e., directly to the Russian borders, ”says the publication of the portal .

The Pentagon and the White House did not comment on this information and did not announce exercises in the Texas area. 

Experts believe that the equipment will be placed in Poland, Romania or the Baltic countries.

Earlier, the Public News Service wrote that the United States predicted that the Ukrainian fleet would be sent to the bottom of the Black Sea in one hour in case of a collision with Russia.

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