US send tanks to Ukraine? Allegedly a number of US tanks from Poland headed for Ukraine

HSmilitarycom: A train with American armored vehicles proceeded through Poland, towards Ukraine.

A few hours ago, a video appeared on the Web, which captured the moment of the transfer of American military armored vehicles towards, allegedly, the Ukrainian border.

At least 19 M2 Bradley armored personnel carriers and a number of other military equipment were identified on the railway platforms. 

At the same time, this is not the first recorded case of the transfer of American military armored vehicles through European countries to the Ukrainian borders.

At the moment, there are no official comments from either Poland or the United States, however, there are no plans to conduct any military exercises in the territory of Eastern Europe in the near future. 

This points to the fact that the technology is more than likely heading, if not to Ukraine itself, then to its borders.

The situation causes extremely high concern, especially after the United States confirmed its readiness to send its troops to Ukraine in the event of an escalation in the Donbass.

 This can lead not only to a local military conflict, but also to full-scale clashes throughout Eastern Europe.


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