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US B-21 predator destroyer of Russian S-400 and S-500

US B-21 predator destroyer of Russian S-400 and S-500

HSmilitarycom: The promising stealth strategic bomber B-21 Raider of the US Air Force (Air Force), which is called the "coolest" aircraft in the world, can be used against Russia in the event of a war with Ukraine.

“For a Russian wartime scenario, B-21s could target modern anti-aircraft systems such as the S-400 and S-500. This is considered a threat to the US Air Force,” writes columnist Brent Eastwood.

According to him, the Russian S-500 air defense system has a good chance of destroying an aircraft not equipped with stealth technology. At the same time, as the author of the article notes, American aircraft are capable of hitting ships of the Russian navy.

"The B-21 can launch its own cruise missiles to counter Russian projects in Ukraine," Brant wrote.

Earlier , Foreign Policy predicted the 10 most anticipated conflicts that could happen in 2022. The authors of the article note that there have been fewer major wars overall, “despite the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening Ukraine.”

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