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In the US, the Russian SU-34 is called the king of the fastest fighter jets


Su 34 Rusia fighter jet Earlier in the United States , the Su-34 was called the "king" of fast jet aircraft.

The American edition of The Drive called the Russian multifunctional supersonic fighter-bomber Su-34 a unique combat aircraft.

The article notes that the key feature of the Su-34 is its flattened front part "duckling" or "platypus", which is equipped with a radar station Sh141, optimized for air-to-ground flights, but also offering air-to-ground modes.

#air", which will allow some missions to be carried out unaccompanied.

The Sh141 complex actually combines the V004 radar with the Khibiny electronic warfare system and equipment for identifying friend or foe.

V004 uses a massive electronically scanned antenna, it is able to track 10 airborne targets and hit four of them at the same time, according to the article.

According to The Drive, the retractable Platan optical system of the Su-34, which provides guidance, in particular, KAB-1500-L bombs, is responsible for the ability to attack ground targets with high accuracy "day and night.

" Also, the article notes, the chassis of the Su-34 has been significantly strengthened, thanks to which the fighter can take off from "harsh airfields."

Meanwhile, the authors of the article report, the aircraft is waiting for even more innovative improvements.

 “But even as it stands now, it is one of the most intriguing combat aircraft in the world, with a unique look and feel,” reports The Drive.

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