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Russian SU-57 fighter jets begin to be handed over to the air force


SU-57 Fighter jet The story of the transfer of new Su-57 fighters to the Aerospace Forces seems to have reached its logical conclusion. 

As it became known, two new aircraft of this type were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021.

 This was reported by the blog bmpd with reference to the report of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko.

Su-57 fighter jet

Earlier, a video with one of the two aircraft built last year appeared in a commercial for the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yu. A. Gagarin. 

The car received tail number "52 blue". It is possible that another transferred aircraft has tail number "51 blue".

De facto, they became the third and fourth serial machines. 

Su-57 fighter jet

The very first aircraft on order crashed during testing in 2019, leading to serious litigation.

 Thus, the military received a new type of vehicle only a year later.

The bmpd blog reports that the handover of two new Su-57s is consistent with KnAAZ's planned target for last year: the information that the company was supposed to hand over four aircraft is not true. 

Su-57 fighter jet

This year, according to reports, the transfer of four new type of winged machines has been planned.

The Russian Ministry of Defense and Sukhoi signed a contract for the supply of 76 serial Su-57 fighters in 2019.

 The deadline for the implementation of the agreement is 2027.

The aircraft can solve a wide range of tasks. This includes the fight against air, ground and sea targets. 

Su-57 fighter jet

Sometimes the Su-57 is called the carrier of promising hypersonic weapons systems.

In the future, the machine will receive the so-called second-stage engine, or "Izdeliye-30", which will significantly increase its performance. 

The first test flight of the Su-57 with the new engine took place on December 5, 2017.

Recall that recently the first modernized Su-30SM2 fighters were delivered to the Russian military. 

Such aircraft are sometimes referred to as the 4++ generation, as well as the "crossover" between the fourth and fifth generations.

The most notable Russian novelty from the world of military aviation was the promising Su-75 Checkmate fighter, officially presented at MAKS-2021. 

But the photos shown in November, you can compare the size of the Su-57E and a new type of machine.

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