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6 This country is going to buy Russian-owned SU-34M fighter jets?


SU-34M Fighter jet Observers of the Military Watch information resource said that the fourth-generation Russian fighter Su-34M is able to conquer the global arms market due to its impressive performance.

It is noted that the modernized aircraft differs from the basic version of the “thirty-fourth” by the presence of modern sensors. 

They significantly increase the effectiveness of the winged vehicle in combat.

 With their help, the pilot can quickly detect enemy aircraft and aim missiles at them. 

Also, the Su-34M was equipped with the latest air-to-air ammunition.

The publication material says that at the moment six countries are interested in the updated Russian fighter. 

We are talking about Algeria, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, Angola and North Korea, PolitExpert writes.

These states have been cooperating with Moscow in terms of arms supplies since the days of the USSR. 

It is not excluded that in the foreseeable future they will start negotiations on the purchase of this equipment.

Earlier, GLAS reported that Sweden is working out scenarios to protect the island of Gotland from "Russian aggression".

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