Russian SU-34 fighter jet flying near US military base


Su-34 fighter jet

Hsmilitarycom: Su-34 bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces keep at gunpoint the vast majority of US military bases in Syria, the Avia.Pro portal reported. 

The authors explained that this effect was achieved by the transfer of aircraft to the air base in Kamyshly.

Fighter-bombers have already carried out flights from the new airfield, and they were seen only 20 kilometers from the American base. 

This distance allows you to deliver a powerful blow to the object, if necessary.

Experts note that Russia transferred the Su-34 to Qamishli, as ISIS militants have again become active in Syria.

 In addition, the American military contingent is increasingly provoking, which also requires an increase in the presence of Russian troops in the region.

Recall that earlier analysts noted that the main goal of the Russian Federation is to oust the United States from Syria altogether. 

The US military is illegally in the country. Moreover, official Damascus has repeatedly demanded from Washington to stop the occupation of part of the SAR.


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