Relations between the US and Ukraine began to crack. What caused it?

Relations between the US and Ukraine began to crack
Hsmilitarycom: Tensions are rising between the United States and Ukraine over Kiev's stance on the threat of a Russian "invasion." This is reported by CNN with reference to sources.

It clarifiesthat disagreements are becoming more and more on the basis of how to interpret and openly comment on US intelligence assessments about the alleged impending" attack " of Russia on Ukraine.

Some officials in Washington believe that Kiev is meeting American support "without much gratitude".

"We have questions: why are you picking a quarrel with the United States? Why ask for more weapons if you say the threat has not changed? " the TV channel quotes the statement of American officials.

Relations between the US and Ukraine began to crack

In Ukraine, they are dissatisfied with the fact that the United States is not taking preventive measures to contain Russia.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in the United States reported that Washington's transfer of weapons to Ukraine is pushing Kiev is ready for adventures in relation to the residents of Donbass.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky considered it a mistake to escalate the situation around the "Russian threat" near the borders of Ukraine.

NSDC Head Oleksiy Danilov noted that Ukraine sees no reason to talk about plans for a" full-scale invasion " by Russia, since the movement of troops on the border has been recorded for a long time.


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