The F-35C crashes in the South China Sea. 7 sailors declared injured

F-35C crash in south China sea

HSMilitarycom: The fifth-generation American fighter F-35C Lightning II failed to land on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the South China Sea.

The air vehicle crashed into the water, the pilot managed to eject.

The press service of the US Pacific Fleet confirmed the incident and clarified that seven sailors were injured, three of them were hospitalized in the nearest hospital in the Philippines. The pilot is in stable condition.

The plane crashed during scheduled flights, the reasons and details are still being investigated.

This is not the first such case - just a few months ago, the F-35B crashed while taking off from the flagship of the British Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth.

As Ruposters reported, earlier American journalists saw in Russia a "panic" due to the arrival of fifth-generation fighter jets in Europe.

Source: ruposters


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