Will the F-35 be developed transmitting data to satellite terminals?


F-35 Fighter jet

Hsmilitarycom: Space Micro, on behalf of the US Air Force, will develop a terminal that will allow transmitting data from a maneuvering fighter like the F-35 Lightning II to a geostationary satellite.

In the publication of the American edition of The Drive, it is said that the new device will allow the fighter to transmit data at a speed of about 10 gigabits per second.

It is planned to use laser communication for information exchange.

According to experts, the new transmitter will avoid the impact on the aircraft's systems of ground-based electronic warfare (EW).

It is noted that the main difficulty lies in creating a stable connection with the satellite when maneuvering the fighter.

Earlier, experts said that the US Air Force fifth-generation F-35 aircraft turned out to be an extremely unsuccessful combat vehicle.

There is a possibility that it will soon be removed from service.


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