Japanese F-15 fighter jet missing from radar. It is suspected that the fighter jet crashed?

F-15 fighter jet Japanese crash

Hsmilitarycom: An F-15 fighter jet of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces disappeared from radar while flying in the Ishikawa prefecture area on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan. 

This was reported by the local TV channel NHK .

It is specified that the aircraft took off from the Komatsu base, after which communication with it was lost.

The country admits that the fighter crashed. The Coast Guard at Kanazawa Port will send boats to the suspected crash site.

F-15 fighter jet Japanese crash

Fighters of this model are used in Japan to escort foreign aircraft flying near the country's border.

Recall that earlier, near the village of Dubki in the Ulyanovsk region, a military helicopter made a hard landing. He landed on the ice of the river during a scheduled flight. 

The cause of the accident was probably a technical malfunction of the machine. 

The helicopter crew was flying from Mulino airport to Ulyanovsk. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that one person died as a result of the incident.

 It was one of the crew members. The rest received injuries of varying severity, they were taken to the hospital.

Source: Kp.ru


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